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This is a fully functional trial version of smartDBforms.NET. There is an expiration date after which you have to download the latest version. For more information about the installation process see Installation in the Online Documentation.

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smartDBforms.NET 2.8 Trial Setup (10.0 MB) 07/16/2013 DOWNLOAD

What’s New

smartDBforms.NET 2.8
  • Expression Web 4.0 supported.
  • Edit 2 or more tables in one form
  • Fixed DesignTime problem in SmartDataSource designer. When menu View/Visual Aids/ASP.NET Non-visual Controls is unchecked the SmartDataSource Configuration Wizard appeared on every mouse click on the page.

smartDBforms.NET 2.7
  • SmartDBControl Caption and Description properties which allow to override the data source caption and description.
  • Added a new template for handling database columns which contain passwords.

smartDBforms.NET 2.6
  • Added AutoPostBack adhoc property and SelectedIndexChanged SmartDBControl.CustomEvent in order to facilitate DropDownList AutoPostBack scenarios.
  • Added Sort adhoc property which allows sorting of rendered DropDownList.
  • Added ORDERBY global resource and extended property to allow sorting of foreign key primary tables.
  • The templatesLocation setting in smartDBforms.NET Web.config tab now has default value and is not mandatory.
  • Enhanced the EmptyImage gif in smartDBtemplates
  • Fixed a problem with SmartCssLink causing the runtime exception "[HttpException (0x80004005): Cannot use a leading .. to exit above the top directory.]" in some scenarios.
  • Fixed minor rendering problem with help icon when running on ASP.NET 4 with configuration. The help icon was having unexpected blue border. The problem occurred only in IE.

smartDBforms.NET 2.5
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and ASP.NET 4 compatibility. Now smartDBforms.NET integrates with Visual Studio 2010 and works with ASP.NET 4.
  • Fixed major problem under ASP.NET 4.0. When ClientIDMode is Predictable, the generated CliendIDs for SmartDBControl's children were wrong, leading to the following exception: [ArgumentException: An entry with the same key already exists.].
  • CustomCommand and CustomEvent classes now support generic parameters. Now it is not mandatory to subclass them.
  • Visual Studio Project templates were enhanced to have file upload settings and upload folder.
  • Demo website and Visual Studio Project templates were enhanced to work under Medium trust level. The requirePermission="false" attribute was added to the smartDBforms.NET configuration section declaration.
  • Fixed Adillis.SmartDBForms.dll problem when running in ASP.NET Medium trust
  • Externalized the templates' validation text color to TemplatesStyles.css
  • Fixed minor layout problem of TemplatesControlCenter in Visual Studio 2010.

smartDBforms.NET 2.4
  • New html text editor template was added to the standard template set. It allows the user to edit and store ritch text in html format. For a demonstration see Category Demo page.
  • A new property ResourceClassKey added to the SmartDataSource control. The property allows the SmartDataSource to use different global resource .resx file for localization instead of the one specified in Web.config. This allows greater flexibility when creating database entry forms from multiple data sources.
  • Fixed popup calendar problem when used with ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel.

smartDBforms.NET 2.3
  • MySQL 5 and MySQL 5.1 databases are now supported with Connector/Net 6. For more information see Connecting to MySQL database with Connector/Net
  • Translation of smartDBforms.NET in Spanish. All UI texts were externalized and translated in Spanish. See Globalization.
  • The setup now installs templates for the newly supported Web Application projects in Visual Web Developer Express Edition SP1.
  • smartDBforms.NET was successfully tested with Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and Visual Web Developer Express Edition SP1.
  • Fixed problem with MySQL AutoIncrement columns with unsigned integer types. The columns were not reported as AutoIncrement properly.

smartDBforms.NET 2.2
  • MySQL 5 and MySQL 5.1 databases are now supported. For more information see Connecting to MySQL database with ODBC
  • Tested compatibility with MS SQL Server 2008.
  • New TimeTemplate was added to the standard template set. It allows the user to enter day time or time period.
  • Enhanced file and image upload templates. File size is now displayed. Clear button was added to reset the binary data. Now maximum file size can be configured either in Web.config or per specific SmartDBControl. For more information see smartDBtemplates Template Set.
  • OperationStatus control  has a new property ErrorMessageRegExFilter for filtering the database error messages.
  • Foreign-key drop down is now filled in by default with the first text column. Previously the primary key columns were used which are not meaningful to the end user.
  • Enhanced "Create Search Panel" design time dialog window and documentation.
  • Improved StringTemplate when assigned to columns of number data types.
  • FKDropDownTemlate now uses the default label instead of the FKLabel template. Captions and description for FK columns can now be defined in the usual way with column name.
  • Fixed problem with binary and guid table colums when using ODBC data provider.
  • Fixed problem with MoneyTemplate and Currency RangeValidator when the current culture number format's CurrencyGroupSeparator is no-break space. RangeValidator rejected valid numbers which contain no-break space.

smartDBforms.NET 2.1
  • SmartDBView's Create All Buttons smart tag command was renamed to Create Command Buttons. The command now asks the user which buttons to create and how to render them.
  • A new command button Clone is now available. It is Similar to New command button and allows to create a copy of the currently selected data row.
  • Improved popup calendar usability. Now the arrow buttons scroll years by page instead by row. The today year, month and date are highlighted in bold.
  • smartDBforms.NET was successfully tested with Firefox 3.
  • Fixed popup calendar layout problem in Firefox
  • Fixed popup calendar display of initial empty date. The calendar was positioning on the previous month instead on the current.
  • Fixed SmartDBView design time resizing. Resizing handlers were missing in Visual Studio 2008 and VWD Express 2008 

smartDBforms.NET 2.0
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 compatibility. Now smartDBforms.NET integrates with Visual Studio 2008.
  • Windows Vista compatability.
  • Now SmartDBView can render different user interface in Edit, Insert and ReadOnly mode. Three new properties were added to SmartDBView, which will hold the corresponding user interface - ContentEdit, ContentInsert, ContentReadOnly.
  • A new method DataBindItem.CreateDbConnection now allows the custom templates to make additional queries against the database used by the the parent SmartDBView.
  • Improved SmartDBView design time. Enhanced the handling of database schema refreshing.

smartDBforms.NET 1.8
  • Lazy loading of foreign key parent tables data. The records of the foreign key tables are loaded only if required by the database form.
  • Unlimited named Adhoc properties can now be used in order to cusomize the database user interface templates. A new collection AdHocProperties was added to SmartDBControl.
  • A new property DataKeyNames added to the SmartDataSource control. The property allows to explicitly set the primary key columns.
  • Improved SmartDBControl label, now the description tooltip disappears when you click on it.
  • TemplatesControlCenter new smart-tag property for modifying the localization configuration.
  • SmartDBControl new properties - ForceReadonlyInEdit and ForceReadonlyInInsert.
  • Now MoneyTemplate can be configured to use a custom currency symbol.
  • Fixed a minor issue in SmartCssLink design time.
  • Fixed the search and index tabs in the CHM documentation file.

smartDBforms.NET 1.7
  • New template for editing dates. Now instead of the standard ASP.NET Calendar control a javascript popup calendar is used.
  • Design time improvements for SmartDBView and SmartDataSource.
  • New SmartDBControl.ForceRequired property - Forces the user interface template to always require user input.

smartDBforms.NET 1.6
  • New web server control SmartJSLink - automatically references the used javascript files.
  • EmailTemplate was added. Displays the value as mailto hyperlink and checks the user input to be a valid email address.
  • A new DateTime template. Displays and allows the user to edit the date and the time.

smartDBforms.NET 1.5
  • New SmartDataSource design time commands for quick creations of search panels - "Create Select Search Panel" and "Create Filter Search Panel" 
  • Added new Filter tab to the SmartDataSource configuration dialog. Allows editing the FilterExpression and FilterParameters properties.
  • New web server control OperationStatus - displays success and error messages.
  • New SmartDataSource.MonitorParameters propety - automatically triggers data rebinding if some of the Select or Filter parameters changes
  • Added two new properties to SmartDBView - OnEmptyData and EmptyDataTemplate. Now SmartDBView can handle empty data in three ways - switch to Insert mode, hide SmartDBView, show the EmptyDataTemplate.
  • Fixed problem when SelectParameters collection contains parameters of type Decimal and OLE DB provider is used.
  • Fixed design-time problem when Select command contains parameters which are used as MS SQL Server money type.
  • Fixed configuration problem when running in ASP.NET Medium trust.

smartDBforms.NET 1.4
  • MS Access databases are now supported. smartDBforms.NET now works with MS Access 2000, MS Access 2002, MS Access 2003 databases or later.
  • Enhanced smartDBtemplates template set. Improved handling of number and currency values.
  • A new template for handling Guid data type(uniqueidentifier in SQL Server, Replication ID in MS Access) was added to smartDBtemplates template set
  • LargeTextTemplate now validates the length of entered text
  • SQL Server 2005 schemas are now supported
  • SmartDataSource - a new property ExtractFKRelations was added
  • Fixed a problem when using MS SQL Server database with OLEDB or ODBC data provider

smartDBforms.NET 1.3
  • A new paging Web Server Control available. SmartPager allows users to navigate through the records displayed by SmartDBView.
  • Enhanced TemplateHolder. Introduced a new property PrimaryKeysReadonlyWhenUpdating. Now one TemplateHolder is able to handle both - primary and non-primary key data fields.
  • Optimized smartDBtemplates template set. Decreased the number of templates from 20 to 13.
  • Enhanced SmartDBView designer. Now the generated delete buttons use Javascript confirmation dialog box.
  • Support for Microsoft Expression Web.
  • A new Visual Studio "Add New Item" template for creating initial database web forms.
  • Fixed SmartDBView designer's "Create Missing Fields" smart-tag command.
  • Fixed problems with non-regular table column names( containing spaces or other non-alphanumeric symbols ).
  • Adillis.SmartDBForms.dll is now strong-named and can be installed in GAC.

smartDBforms.NET 1.2
  • Support for ASP.NET AJAX. Documentation and demo site updated accordingly.
  • SmartDBView design-time now prevents creating of controls with duplicate IDs.
  • Improved Setup Wizard. Visual Studio Project and Item templates are now installed directly, without using Visual Studio Content Installer. Visual Studio toolbox items are installed directly, without automation.
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It’s really refreshing to use. Looking at codegen products that are way overkill and generate source code that’s not maintainable - your product rocks.

I have demoed several other products also, and none came close to yours. The simplicity, ease of use and user friendliness were impeccable.
William Joshua
Madison County Schools

Thanks to smartDBforms.NET I am able to save lots of time and make even better websites. I am looking forward to use this tool to help me build websites based on databases.
Anton Beerens

We are really impressed with smartDBforms.NET and there is nothing else on the market as good.
Andy Jones
Make I.T. Simple
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