smartDBforms.NET for ASP.NET 2
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It’s really refreshing to use. Looking at codegen products that are way overkill and generate source code that’s not maintainable - your product rocks.

I have demoed several other products also, and none came close to yours. The simplicity, ease of use and user friendliness were impeccable.
William Joshua
Madison County Schools

Thanks to smartDBforms.NET I am able to save lots of time and make even better websites. I am looking forward to use this tool to help me build websites based on databases.
Anton Beerens

We are really impressed with smartDBforms.NET and there is nothing else on the market as good.
Andy Jones
Make I.T. Simple

Adillis smartDBforms.NET is an ASP.NET framework for creating database entry forms. It makes the creation and maintenance of database forms very easy and efficient. smartDBforms.NET database forms adjust automatically to the underlying database schema. The user interface template to be used for display and edit is determined by inspecting the database schema. It makes possible the creation of database forms only by using the design surface without writing a single line of code. Connect ASP.NET form to MS SQL, MS Access or MySQL database.

With smartDBforms.NET creating professional database forms has never been easier. The right user interface and data validation are automatically utilized, while in the same time you have full control over the user interface details.

smartDBforms.NET saves the repetitive and complex tasks when creating database data entry forms, thus reducing the time and cost for creating and maintaining database forms.

An ASP.NET database form created with smartDBforms.NET adjusts automatically to the underlying database schema. The user interface template to be used for display and edit is determined by inspecting the database schema.

smartDBforms.NET is extremely easy to use and has advanced design time support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 .NET and Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005.

Using smartDBforms.NET you can easily create a details view or form view of your data. Similar to the standard Web server controls – FormView and DetailsView.

smartDBforms.NET framework is highly customizable. You have full access to the user interface templates and can redesign them using the design time surface of Visual Studio. You have full control over the mapping of data types to user interface templates.

smartDBforms.NET provides a data source control which auto generates insert, update and delete statements. When reading the data it extracts the meta information which is used by the SmartDBView and SmartDBControl controls to select the proper user interface template. The template displays the data and allows the user to edit the data.

Just drop a SmartDBControl wherever you want on the SmartDBView container, select the field to bind to and that's it. The display or edit user interface is populated at runtime by inspecting the meta data information supplied by the SmartDataSource.

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